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The ABCs of web analytics 


  • What questions should you ask when choosing a web analytics software?
  • Every web analytics project starts with a tagging plan… and since your data quality depends on quality tagging, quality control is a vital step.
  • Analysis is no longer just for analysts: everyone must be able to access the company’s web analytics tool at their own level. In other words, democratising access to data!



Find the right web analytics software


It’s not always easy to find the right web analytics tool that will meet your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled all the essential web analytics software features to consider here:

  • Analytics tagging: SmartTag, a light, quick and powerful tag, customisable according to your needs.
  • Data analysis and exploration are often the main purpose of using a web analytics tool.
  • AT Internet offers exclusive metrics designed for e-commerce sites with its Sales Insights module, integrated in its web analytics softare, the Analytics Suite.
  • In the era of multichannel, omnichannel marketing, the User Insights tool gives web analysts a user-centric approach focused on the user journey (visitor-centric analyses), no matter the digital point of contact.
  • To go beyond simple analysis, our web analytics tool makes it easy to activate your data and extract all its value.
  • A powerful data mining tool that’s integrated in the Analytics Suite, our Data Query analytics tool lets you run queries, filter, segment, combine and correlate your data.
  • For data scientists working on big data and machine learning projects, AT Internet has created Data Flow.
  • Data should never be siloed, which is why our web analytics tool connects with other solutions you use on a daily basis, thanks to our technological partnerships.
  • Need to share KPIs and data across your company in custom analytics dashboards? AT Internet has the answer for you! Discover the dashboards tool integrated in the Analytics Suite.
  • An absolute essential in any web analytics tool, Reports let you view only the KPIs that matter most to your activity… cutting out all other superfluous information.
  • A crucial question when choosing a web analytics solution: the cost. Find out the pricing on the Analytics Suite.
  • Finally, why should you choose the Analytics Suite as your web analytics software?



Assistance with our web analytics tool


  • Analytics has been our speciality for more than 20 years, so we know just how to guide and assist you with making the most of our web analytics softare… That’s why we’ve developed a range of digital analytics services so you’re never alone when tackling your analytics projects.
  • For all your questions, our support team of web analytics experts is available 24/7.
  • Want to go further in web analytics? Whether it’s to master the fundamentals or to deepen your analytics skills and knowledge, we have training and certification options that can help.
  • If you’re short on the time or resources necessary to make the most of your web analytics tool, look no further than our partner agencies whose extensive digital analytics expertise is at your service.



Who can and should use web analytics software?




Focus on the Analytics Suite’s technological partnerships


AT Internet has developed a wide network of partner solutions around its web analytics software, so that you can interconnect your analytics data with data from other tools you frequently use for more effective data exploration.

  • Link your A/B testing data with your analytics data using AB Tasty.
  • Grow engagement with your mobile apps using Airship.
  • Recover the part of your web traffic filtered by adblockers with the AdBack.
  • Retrieve data from your Adjust mobile campaigns directly in the Analytics.
  • Measure and manage the impact of your ads with AT Connect Admo technology, in partnership with
  • Combine your App Annie data with your analytics data.
  • Send your users personalised messages on their smartphones with Batch.
  • Simplify the implementation of your analytics tags, thanks to our partnership with Commanders Act.
  • With Dailymotion, automate the web analytics tagging of your videos.
  • Link your Analytics Suite data with recorded visitor sessions using Decibel Insight.
  • Add market insights and competitive data into your AT Internet dashboards with Decode Apps.
  • Make the most of your conversion data using the bridge between Easyence and AT Internet’s API.
  • Save time when implementing our web analytics software using Ensighten’s tag management solutions.
  • Export your AT Internet data to Google Data Studio to create customised, comprehensive and easy-to-understand dashboards.
  • Get the results from your A/B tests directly in our web analytics interface, with the partnership between AT Internet & Kameleoon.
  • Connect your Kamp’n campaign data from social networks and your AT Internet web analytics data.
  • Visualise your analytics data in real time in your Klipfolio.
  • Automate the tagging of your Magento e-commerce site with AT Connect Magento.
  • Enrich your marketing campaign data from Marin Software with your Analytics Suite.
  • Integrate the data quality and the quality of the video content customer experience into your Analytics Suite with AT Connect MediaMelon.
  • Optimise your video content user experience with AT Connect Mux.
  • Combine your site SEO analysis with your web traffic analysis, thanks to AT Internet’s partnership with Oncrawl.
  • Integrate your Optimizely A/B test results in AT Internet’s web analytics tool.
  • Facilitate access to content with Poool’s dynamic paywall connected to AT Internet’s Analytics Suite.
  • Automate the tagging of your Prestashop store with AT Connect Prestashop.
  • Share your digital analytics data with colleagues and other stakeholders using Reeport.
  • Track your ROI from your marketing campaigns with the Roivenue analytics suite.
  • Check that your entire analytics tagging plan is complete in a just few clicks with AT Connect Seenaptic.
  • Link the data analysed in the Analytics Suite with the visitor’s recorded session via SessionCam with AT Connect SessionCam.
  • Leverage your AT Internet data in a simple-to-use, at-a-glance dashboard from Tableau.
  • Simplify the integration of your web analytics tag thanks to the Tealium and AT Internet partnership.
  • Retrieve and manage Trustpilot customer reviews in your AT Internet dashboards.
  • The partnership between Weborama & AT Internet lets you measure the influence of your ad campaigns on your web traffic.
  • Identify the impact of each acquisition channel and measure the profitability of your investments, thanks to the connector between Wizaly & AT Internet.

Discover all our technology partners here.



Cultivate your digital analytics expertise




Using our digital analytics guides and white papers, learn how to:




Get inspired by our customers successes and discover how:


  • Le Monde has differentiated itself from its competitors and recovered up to 15% of the blocked traffic in its web analytics,
  • OVH boosted conversions by 10 points using our digital analytics solution,
  • Ticket Liquidator optimises performance instantaneously using real-time digital analytics data available in our web analytics tool,
  • Daily sport newspaper L’Equipe uses web analytics data to inform its content strategy,
  • La Poste boosted results from its e-commerce site using a data-driven strategy,
  • Leading e-commerce site Priceminister increased its turnover 15% using multivariate testing,
  • P2P lending platform Younited Credit optimises its conversion funnel using web analytics,
  • Flash sales leader Veepee (ex Vente Privée) drives its mobile strategy using web (and mobile) analytics data,
  • Major media group Lagardère Active multiplied traffic by 5X using data from the Analytics Suite,
  • Local information portal implemented a complete reporting process within its organisation using AT Internet’s web analytics software,
  • Media portal Rambler grew click-through rate by 32% by simply offering the right content to the right person, thanks to insights available in our digital analytics solution,
  • Soundcloud optimised its music platform using insights from the Analytics Suite,
  • Automotive news site Caradisiac increased pageviews, decreased bounce rate, and boosted CTR using our web analytics software,
  • France Télévisions has optimised and renewed connected TV services by analysing audience usage,
  • Oxybul Eveil et Jeux boosted the effectiveness of its retargeting campaigns using Analytics Suite data,
  • Media group Solocal Group manages its audiences via a set of automated dashboards using AT Internet’s API,
  • Newspaper Le Parisien used web analytics data to optimise its mobile marketing,
  • Ryanair boosted its site’s profitability using AT Internet’s web analytics tool,
  • France’s Government Information Service manages its network of several hundred sites,
  • Total has optimised its online ordering process through the use of its Digital Analytics data,
  • Online bank BforBank uses both AT Internet and Mazeberry to optimise its marketing mix (video case study!).



Find all our webinars in video:


  • Discover how to easily explain the increases and decreases in traffic on your digital assets with the AXON Contribution tool!
  • Do you know how to understand and decipher the paths your visitors, prospects and customers take on your site? Learn how with the Navigation feature in our web analytics software.
  • Are your analytics activities compliant with the GDPR, which took effect in May 2018?
  • Learn how our web analytics solution is designed to help democratise analytics throughout your company.
  • In your organisation, who should have access to data? And who should be able to modify it? The Access Rights feature in our web analytics tool helps you manage all this with simplicity.
  • Learn how to understand consumer behaviours with the User Insights feature in our web analytics software.
  • Which tools are essential to ensure the quality of your analytics data?
  • Data science, big data and machine learning: Data Flow is the tool you need!



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