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AT Internet's history

Created in 1996 by founder and President Alain Llorens, AT Internet is one of the French Internet’s early pioneers. After two decades of existence, AT Internet is the only European company today among the worldwide leaders in digital analytics and digital intelligence.

1996 >

Pioneers of the Internet and digital analytics

AT Internet is born in 1996, with website creation as its core activity. Founder Alain Llorens’ vision and expertise lead him to reposition the company shortly thereafter toward providing web analytics solutions, in which he foresees significant added value.


XiTi, the #1 free audience measurement solution

AT Internet launches XiTi, an integrated SaaS solution enabling audience measurement and real-time website data tracking and analysis. In just a few years, AT Internet grows to be a leader in the French market, counting more than half of CAC 40 (French stock market index) companies among its clients, as well as the largest French institutions and foreign companies with international reach.

Bolstered by its strong growth and leader status in the French market, AT Internet focuses on its international development strategy, opening several offices in Europe and worldwide. The company currently has offices in 5 countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore) and is present in more than 30 countries via its customers and partners.

< 2007

Setting out for Europe


Accelerated development

AT Internet raises €4M in funding from ICSO Private Equity and IRDI in order to pursue its development, international growth, and R&D efforts. Nonetheless, AT Internet’s founders remain the majority shareholders. The company progressively adapts its offerings to the maturing web analytics market.

In October 2011, AT Internet is recognised by independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc., as one of the best providers of web analytics solutions. The report “The Forrester WaveTM: Web Analytics, Q4 2011” is published in October 2011 and highlights the evolution of AT Internet’s® products and services, as well as the quality of its customer service, for which AT Internet® receives the highest score.

< 2011

AT Internet climbs into Forrester’s rankings

2013 >

The newest digital intelligence markets

In April 2013, AT Internet opens an office in São Paulo, Brazil, for greater proximity to Brazilian customers, and to declare its presence in Brazil’s digital marketing industry. AT Internet raises €6.25M in funds with its long-standing financial investor iXO PRIVATE EQUITY and a new associate, OMNES CAPITAL, to accelerate its development by pursuing R&D efforts and fortifying its international presence.


The lone European among the top 4 “Leaders” worldwide

In May 2014, the study “The Forrester WaveTM: Web Analytics, Q2 2014? published by Forrester Research, Inc., places AT Internet as the only European among the 4 top providers of digital analytics solutions worldwide. Forrester cites AT Internet’s new “Leader” status and highlights its “upward trajectory” since the last report.

Read the press release.

2015 >

The era of digital intelligence

In 2015, AT Internet launches a new product offering featuring dedicated applications (Reports, Dashboards, Data Query) designed for digital analytics experts and beginners alike. The Analytics Suite crystallises AT Internet’s quest to democratise digital performance measurement tools.

2016 marked two major milestones for AT Internet: Our 20th anniversary, and the completion of our new headquarters in Bordeaux-Mérignac. Our new building is an excellent home base from which to continue serving our customers in the coming decades!

< 2016




In November 2017, AT Internet was once again named a web analytics “Leader” in the global report “The Forrester WaveTM: Web Analytics, Q4 2017”. The study highlights AT Internet’s focus on helping global enterprises comply with data security and privacy requirements. Shortly after receiving this distinction, AT Internet launched the Analytics Suite 2!

2018 >

Expertise at the service of its clients

Turning our expertise to e-commerce, AT Internet gave its analysis module a complete revamp with Sales Insights, including Data Science models in the RFM (Retention Frequency Monetisation) feature – with smart segmentation and visitor clusters.

We placed the emphasis on Data Quality in 2019 with an improved Data Collection Portal and Custom Domain Data Collection feature. 2019 also saw the launch of advanced data science features such as anomaly detection, prediction and contribution, as well as the launch of Data Query 3 – a giant leap forward in power and flexibility.

< 2019

Improved data collection and launch of Data Query 3


Brand new analytics suite and privacy-centric measurement

2020 saw the blazing launch of our brand-new powerful Analytics Suite. Providing GDPR-compliant high-quality data that is both ethical and eco responsible, it features groundbreaking flexibility, integrations and predictive features that is revolutionising the analytics world. We also received a re-confirmation of our cookie consent exemption from the CNIL (French data protection authority) allowing us to kick-start our Hybrid Measurement offer – placing AT Internet at the leading-edge of privacy-driven digital analytics.


Moving into the fast lane with piano

Starting the new year with a bang, AT Internet merged with Piano to create the world’s first global subscription commerce and customer experience platform powered by contextual digital analytics. The merger of our two organisations will enable AT Internet to invest more resources in and drive expansion of our current products, as well as help more companies leverage analytics values and segments to deliver personalised customer experiences. To be continued…