AT Internet is committed to reducing its environmental impact through an eco-responsible corporate strategy.

AT Internet's commitment

It’s an emergency. The players in the tech industry must take their share of responsibility for the ecological crisis. We are strongly committed to reducing our environmental impact – from energy-efficient technologies to our teams’ travel policy, and the eco-responsible actions of each employee.

Digital technology is polluting...

By 2025, greenhouse gas emissions could reach 8% per year: the equivalent of today’s emissions from light-duty vehicles. The global energy impact of digital technology is increasing by 25% per year. (Source: The Shift Project – 2018)

Power consumption through the roof

Sending an attachment by e-mail is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a light bulb for 1 hour. 10 billion e-mails sent every hour in the world represent 4,000 return trips from Paris to New York.

Data traffic is energy-intensive

55% of the global energy impact of digital comes from data traffic. The global electricity consumption of data centres is equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear power plants. (Source: The Shift Project – 2018)

"Modern technology owes ecology an apology"
Alan m. Eddison

Our conviction

Do better, with less data

We are convinced that low-impact analytical efficiency for the planet is possible. Our ethical approach by design is to develop a solution that respects both privacy and the environment. We advocate an eco-responsible strategy based on minimisation.

Minimisation = efficiency

We advocate analytical methodologies that emphasise quality rather than quantity. They consist of collecting exclusively usable and activatable data. We advocate minimalist tagging plans and our intelligent processing systems only enrich the data when necessary.

Smarter storage

The big data philosophy of collecting, storing and accumulating massive data is outdated. Data minimisation only focuses on the real needs, to act faster. For example, shorter storage times (required by the GDPR) provide fresher, more accurate, privacy-friendly and energy-efficient data. Pooling resources in the cloud also consumes less energy and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

The virtuous circle

Ethics and digital sobriety are not obstacles but opportunities for brands to optimise performance. Independence of your tool, respect for privacy, frugality of collected/calculated data and economic balance are part of a virtuous circle at the service of digital ecology. The data is more accurate, more reliable, more respectful and less harmful to the planet.

Minimise to survive and thrive

Minimise your data practices to maximise its full business value

Collecting vast amounts of Big Data is a thing of the past. Working with unlimited quantities of data is not only a waste of time and resources, it can cause irreparable damage to consumer confidence in your brand. As a privacy-centric, GDPR-compliant analytics provider, AT Internet is committed to a minimal, ethical and ecological approach to data collection. By working with us you’re choosing quality over quantity, and joining forces with a reliable partner you can trust.

Our Actions & Direction

A 'Planet-centric' company

Practical action is what guides our approach. We have set goals and initiatives are being launched. The sum of our actions, whether collective or individual, will contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.


We are reducing our travel carbon footprint

Value enhancement

We limit the production of waste and encourage recycling


We campaign for a healthy and sensible consumption.


We have an eco-responsible IT policy


At AT Internet, our ‘green’ employees work via special committees: food, mobility, recycling, energy, etc. They meet regularly to raise awareness push forward with their respective projects. Although not everything is perfect, the first steps are in place and our strategy is taking shape…