Accelerating your digital growth with a user-centric strategy that respects privacy

 is one of the leading real estate websites in France. It has more than 110 million annual visits on desktop, mobile web and application. Its business model is based on subscriptions from real estate professionals who post their property listings on the site. 

on SEO traffic each year
of leads generated in 2020 vs 2019 on ads
As an analyst, Data Query is the key module as it allows us to model our datasets and add new queries as we need them quickly and easily... When everything is set up and tagged correctly, it's simple to use! In my opinion, it is the best tool in Analytics Suite.
Régis Sébille
Web Analytics & Data Manager, Bien’ici
The Challenge

Since its launch in 2015, Bien’ici has built its success story around three analytical challenges:

  • Developing its digital business in a fast growth strategy
  • Structuring and sustaining its growth through a user-centric approach
  • Adopting a privacy-by-design approach to build a relationship of trust with users

Bien’ici has implemented several initiatives to ensure the rapid growth of their digital activity and to reach 12 million monthly visits in only 5 years of existence. These actions have largely been driven by analytics.

The pillars of the platform’s phenomenal success are the continuous improvement of the UX through complete performance monitoring; the evolution of the acquisition strategy from a mass approach to a more targeted one; the democratisation of internal data; the optimisation of the quality of analyses, which are more user-centric, and finally the privacy-by-design approach, which protects the trust of users.

Analytics Suite allows us to cross-reference elements to provide a clear picture of our users' behaviour.
Régis Sébille,