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In the fast-changing landscape of digital media, leveraging accurate data is vital for companies to survive. As audience acquisition continues to diversify, and content consumption becomes more complex, it is critical to have a precise understanding of how visitors interact with your sites, apps and content.

Digital analytics is the key: it holds vital insights into your audience, content, monetisation and retention, and empowers you to optimise your performance across the cycle.

Understanding your audience

These days it’s tricky to understand how content is consumed, who is consuming it, and how to acquire a larger audience. High-quality digital analytics data will allow companies and organisations to unlock these challenges:

  • Obtain a consolidated view of your digital ecosystem (web/mobile)
  • Connect digital analytics with CRM data
  • Understand and measure dark social traffic
  • Cluster users based on behaviour/content consumption and create segments for tailored offers

Optimising content performance

It’s important to analyse how content on your site is performing – this will help you to make improvements to bring in and retain a larger audience over time and give you an insight into your visitors and their preferences. Instantaneous content performance data such as the real-time, unsampled data available in the Analytics Suite will help you to:

  • See which content is trending and boost it on social media
  • Analyse audience response to coverage of breaking news
  • Target and personalise content in real time and maximise its immediate impact
  • Measure audio-visual content

Monetising your content

Content providers rely on adverts, subscriptions, paywalls, and combinations of these models to generate revenue. However, there are a number of ways to attract new audiences. Trustworthy and reliable digital analytics is your essential ally in your drive to:

  • Optimise your advertising and work around ad blockers
  • Implement effective subscription and paywall models
  • Multiply and diversify revenue streams

Retaining your audience

To maximise your customer retention, you need to understand how your most loyal users behave across your sites, and what value they bring. Reducing churn and capturing the attention of your semi-loyal visitors across all platforms are crucial. Cutting edge retention analyses is the ultimate way to find out:

  • Which sources bring in your most loyal users
  • How they behave on your websites and apps, and their value!
  • If your paid marketing investments are working
  • Which mobile app version retains the most users
  • How campaigns, events, and exposure to certain content affects user retention and reduces churn



    "AT Internet data is very rich. It allows us to measure the appeal of each sport or theme and provide the best service to our users."
    Romain Lhote, L'Equipe


    "Thanks to AT Internet we can now determine which content brings readers to the site and (...) which generates subscriptions."
    Pierre Buffet, Le Monde



  • BBC
    Le Monde
    L'Equipe référence client AT Internet
    France Télévisions
    Claire Morlon
    Market research manager, France Télévisions
    AT Internet’s behavioural analyses are essential in helping our interactive services evolve towards an offer that is completely adapted to smart TV in terms of content, design and usability.


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